Telecom Test System to Meet Part 68 of the FCC

Complete System

Com-Power's Telecom Test System is designed to perform testing according to TIA-968 technical requirements for connection of terminal equipment to the telephone network

telecom test system

Surge Generator (Model SG-168A)

The Model SG-168A Surge Generator is designed for applying high voltage surges to equipment connected to the telephone network. The SG-168A Surge Generator is capable of performing telephone line surge type A and type B per TIA-968 and Industry Canada CS03 requirement.

Longitudinal Signal Power and Balance ( Model LB-168)

The LB-168 is capable of analyzing Longitudinal Signal Power and Longitudinal Balance of telephone interface devices. Longitudinal Signal Power measurement is required due to the great distance telephone lines cover. Balance measurement is required because Telephone networks may use complex multiplexing schemes to comunicate from one central office to another thus limiting cross talk between lines. Please see application table below.

Impedance Test Set (Model IS-268)

The Impedance test set model IS-268 is designed to analyze AC and DC on-hook impedance of a telephone interface device. These impedances during ringing tests, were designed to protect the telephone network from excessive current flow while on-hook.

Ringer Set (Model RS-368)

The Ringer set model RS-368 is capable of supplying the ringer voltage for the on-hook impedance and billing protection testing.

Loop Simulator Test Set (LS-468)

The LS-468 is a two-wire loop simulator. It is designed to simulate the full range of voltage, current and AC impedance parameters normally encountered when connected to the telephone network.

Digital Service Longitudinal Balance (Model DB-568)

DB-568 is designed to analyze longitudinal balance of terminal telephone equipment that use digital service.

Loop Simulator for 26 AWG (Model LS-668)

The model LS-668 Loop Simulator 26 AWG cable was constructed to meet the requirement for testing analog telephones, under the "Receive Objective Loudness Rating" (ROLR).
Model Description Application
SG-168A Surge Generator Enviromental Simulation Testing
LB-168 Longitudinal Balance Set Signal Power Limitation Longitudinal Balance Test
IS-268 Impedance Test Set On hook Impedance Limitation Test
RS-368 Ringer Set On Hook Impedance Limitation, Billing Protection Test
LS-468 Loop Simulator Signal Power Limitation, Billing Protection Test
DB-568 Digital Service Longitudinal Balance Longitudinal Balance Test
LS-668 Loop Simulator for 26 AWG Analog Telephone - ROLR rating