200 Watt Power Amplifier


80 MHz to 1 GHz

power amplifier

200 Watt Power Amplifier

The Com-Power ARI-1000-200W is a 200 Watt broadband Power Amplifier operating over the frequency range of 80 MHz to 1 GHz. This amplifier utilizes Class A linear power devices that provide an excellent 3rd order intercept point, high gain, and wide dynamic range. Due to robust engineering and employment of the most advanced devices and components, this amplifier achieves high efficiency operation with proven reliability. The ARI-1000-200W may be operated locally via the front panel controls and also by remote control access via its Ethernet, RS232 or IEEE-488 (GPIB) communications ports. 


  • Frequency Range: 80 MHz to 1 GHz
  • 200 Watts Output Power (Saturated); 120 Watts at P1dB
  • User-selectable Operating Modes: - Adjustable Gain Mode (20 dB dynamic range) - Automatic Level Control (ALC) mode
  • Full Protection from high VSWR conditions; open or short, into any Phase Angle
  • Remote Control Access via Ethernet, RS232 or IEEE-488 Communications Ports
  • Three-Year Warranty

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