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Protect your spectrum analyzer input during conducted emissions testing with a Com-Power transient limiter. The following products can be used during EMC conducted emissions testing to protect the input of a spectrum analyzer. Combined in both the LIT-153A and LIT-930A Transient Limiters are a low-pass filter, high pass filter, transient suppressors and two separate 5 dB impedance matching attenuation pads; one at the input and one at the output. Follow the links on this page for more information about either of our spectrum analyzer transient limiters. You also can contact us for pricing and other information.

Transient Limiter Model LIT-153A


The LIT-153A spectrum analyzer transient limiter works over the frequency range of 150 kHz to 30 MHz. It provides excellent protection against high level transients coming from the Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN); which, if powerful en...

transient limiter


The LIT-930A features a broader frequency range than the LIT-153A, in that the low end of the its operation extends down to 9 kHz. The unit also features higher maximum input level ratings, as it can withstand input levels up to 4 watts CW (+36 dB...


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