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EMC reference signal source

As an EMC testing lab, the accuracy of your results is key to your reputation. Maintaining this accuracy requires properly calibrated quality equipment. Comb generators are an important piece of EMC radiated emissions testing equipment - one that can save you time and money by reducing your reliance on full, annual recalibrations of your site and instrumentation.

comb generator


The CG-515 comb generator is used for EMI EMC testing as a reference source for a fast test site verification. It allows user to select 1 or 5 MHz steps. It is our original square version that is specified in many Industry test standards and there...

comb generator


The comb generator Model CGC-255E is a broadband signal source for a quick, pre-test conducted emissions test setup verification of any EMI-EMC test laboratory with LISN (Line Impedance Stabilization Network). Its RF output spans the frequency ran...

comb generator


Model CGC-510E Conducted Comb Generator is a broadband RF reference signal source for EMI-EMC conducted emissions test site verifications. It is designed to plug in directly into an LISN and output a reference signal in the frequency range of 100 ...

comb generator


Com-Power's CGO-501 Comb Generator is a broadband signal source for quick, [pre-test] EMI radiated emissions test site verifications. Its output spans the frequency range of 1 MHz to 1 GHz in 1 MHz steps. The circular shape of its enclosure pr...

comb generator


The CGO-505 comb generator is similar to CGO-501 except the output is in 5 MHz steps. There are two reasons why you may go to higher step size: (1) the output is usable to at least 1 GHz and (2) the energy density is lower in a given frequency ban...

comb generator


The Comb Generator Model CGO-51000 is a broadband microwave reference signal source to quickly verify an EMI

comb generator


Com-Power's CGO-5100B Comb Generator is the most economical radiated reference signal source for EMI-EMC test sites as RF comb generator as well as microwave comb generator. Its 100 MHz step size and built in antenna makes it a reliable source...

comb generator


The CGO-515 comb generator is used as a reference source on EMI-EMC test sites. It is similar to the CG-515 except it has circular base so as to give a uniform radiated reference signal in all directions. EMC test labs use it on a daily basis for ...

comb generator


In this series of comb generators used as radiated signal reference sources in most EMC test sites, CGO-520 increases the usable radiated signal to 4.5 GHz providing output in 20 MHz steps. The circular base acting as a ground plane gives uniform ...


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