Near Field Probes

To locate EMI emissions on PCBs

A typical emi emission test is performed using broadband EMC antennas such as biconical, log periodics, Combilogs and horns. These antennas usually placed at 1, 3 or 10 meter distance as required by the test specification. These is considered far field measurements and the emission limits are given for the specific distance by the specification.

near field probes


The PS-400 is a Near Field Probe set consisting of E-Field tip probe, an E-Field broadband probe, an H-field probe and a custom storage case. Performance and ease of use were designed into this product. The unique design allows easy access for tig...

near field probe


The PS-500 is a Near Field Probe set consist of four probes and a custom storage case. The fine tip and the contact tip probe are precision E-field probes that features the ability to singularly identify a problem trace or pin.


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