Antenna Masts - Automated and Manual

For EMC/EMI emissions measurement

Automated and Manually Operated Antenna Masts. The Com-Power AM series antenna masts are motorized and designed for EMI testing. Antenna mast Model AM-400 allows antenna height variation from 1 to 4 meters, and Model AM-600 can vary antenna height from 1 to 6 meters. They are constructed using non conductive fiber glass material. The antenna is mounted on a one piece cross boom, which is attached to a slider assembly. The slider assembly rides over the length of the mast on delrin wheels. It is pulled by a rope and pulley mechanism powered by a electric motor. The slider assembly is equipped with a spring loaded braking mechanism to prevent inadvertent descent should the rope fail.

antenna mast


Manually Operated Antenna Mast

automated antenna mast


Automated Antenna Mast

antenna mast and turntable controller


Antenna Mast and Turntable Controller


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