Ordering Products

Orders can be placed directly with Com-Power or by contacting the distributors listed.

United States and Canada only

You can place your order directly with Com-power by telephone,fax or e-mail. Please confirm all orders with written purchase orders. Your order should include the following:

  • Purchase order number
  • Part number, quantity
  • Description and price of each item
  • Billing and shipping address
  • Purchaser’s name and phone number
  • Shipping instructions
  • Tax exemption certificate (if applicable)
  • New customers who want to establish credit must also supply trade and bank references

  • We also Accept most major credit cards.

    Contact information

    Mail: 19121 El Toro Rd., Silverado, California 92676 Telephone: (949) 459-9600 Fax: (949) 635-0329 E-mail: sales@com-power.com


    Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification. Products are subject to discontinuance. Applicable taxes, insurance and shipping charges are to be paid in full by the purchaser.

    Product Evaluation ( within United States Only)

    Some products are available for two-week evaluation before purchase at no charge. However, the customer must pay for both outbound and inbound shipping and Insurance. Contact Com-Power for further details.

    Repairs & Returns

    Repairs and returns may come directly to Com-Power or through the local representative. Please fill out an RMA before shipping your item.

    International Orders

    All orders originating outside United States and Canada must be prepaid via wire transfer. A written purchase order must be sent via fax, e-mail or mail to process and to confirm the order. Purchase order should include forwarder account numbers and contact information. Otherwise, obtain quote for shipping charges prior to wire transfer.