Com-Power CDNs (Coupling/Decoupling Networks) are primarily used for RF conducted immunity testing per IEC 61000-4-6, which is one of the EMC...

coupling decoupling networks
AF Series >>

The AF series CDNs are for unscreened unbalanced cables with two, four and eight conductors carrying low current. AF series CDNs are supplied 2 mm shrouded banana sockets.

coupling decoupling networks
Power series >>

Coupling Decoupling Networks are recommenced for all power supplies immunity testing and the distubance signals are coupled to each conductor in the supply lines according to EN...

coupling decoupling networks
Screened series >>

The S series CDNs are for shielded cables with single or multiple conductors. These CDNs are supplied with professional audio (RCA), D type and Centronics connectors.

Telecom Series CDNs
Telecom series >>

The T series CDNs are for cables with unshielded balanced conductor pairs typically found in ISDN, DSL and Ethernet data transfer applications.