EMC EMI turntable

Used for EMC testing motorized wooden turntables TTW-400X and TTW-600X are used in commercial electromagnetic compatibility testing as low-profile, above-ground platforms for spinning the equipment being tested (EUT). The turntable can hold and rotate equipment that is on a desk or on the ground. The device is turned so that the position or angle at which the EUT gives off the most electromagnetic interference can be found. By using the switch on the remote, you can turn the turntable in either direction. The motor and the gear reduction drive that goes with it make up the rotation drive. The table top is made of wood that has been laminated with Formica to protect it from damage caused by water. You can buy any kind of ramp you want to use to move heavy equipment onto the turntable.

TTW-400 turntable

TTW-400 - 4 Feet Table Diameter

Manually Operated 4 Foot or 6 Foot Turntable

TTW-400A turntable


Automated 4 Foot Turntable


Manually Operated 6 Foot Turntable


Automated 6 Foot Turntable


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