Turntables EMC Testing

Used for EMC Testing The TTW-600 motorized wooden turntables are low profile, above ground circular testing platforms for rotating equipment under test (EUT) during commercial EMC testing. The turntable can support and rotate desktop or floor standing equipment. The equipment is rotated to identify the position or angle at which the EUT radiates the maximum electromagnetic interference. The turntable can be rotated clockwise or counter clockwise using the the remote switch. The rotation drive consist of motor and gear reduction drive. The table top is constructed using wood laminated with Formica to prevent absorption of moisture. Any optional ramp can be purchased with the turntable for loading heavy equipment on to the turntable.

Specification   TTW-600
Table Diameter   6 feet (1.8 meters)
Table Height   9 inches (23 cm)
Load Rating   1000 lbs. (455 kg)
Turntable RPM   1.4
Power   115 VAC, 60 Hz
Remote Switch   Reversing Drum
Extension Cable   9.8 feet ( 3 meters)
Table Weight   172 lbs (78 kg)


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