Comb Generator for Conducted Reference Source


100 kHz to 115 MHz

comb generator

Comb Generator for Conducted Reference Source

CGC-510E Comb Generator is a conducted reference signal source to test Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN). The Comb generator output has the harmonics of the fundamental frequency. It has two user selectable frequency step sizes of 100 kHz and 500 kHz. This Comb Generator simulates an EUT generating conducted EMI noise. The CGC series Comb Generators have the standard NEMA three blade connector that can plug directly into any LISN with the matching EUT power socket. It can be attached to any other socket type using suitable adapter. The CGC-510E has high impedance to the external line voltage, AC or DC up to 230 V. This feature allows the Comb Generator to be used while the LISNs are connected to external power source.

  • Reference Signal Source for LISNs
  • Frequency Steps of 100 kHz and 500 kHz
  • Usable Frequency Range up to 115 MHz
  • Battery Operated
  • Three-Year Warranty
  • Intended Application: Reference Signal Source for LISN verification
  • Frequency Range: 100 kHz to 115 MHz
  • Frequency Step Size: 100 kHz or 500 kHz
  • Frequency Stability: 50 ppm
  • Amplitude Stability: ± 0.1 dB
  •  Time Stability <1 dB over 12 months
  •  Charger Output / Input 6 VDC (unregulated), 500 mA / 110VAC 60 Hz or 230 VAC 50 Hz 
  •  Battery Type 6V NiMH, 1 Ah 
  •  Operating Time >18 Hours Typical with Fully Charged Battery
  • External Indicators Battery Low and Power On
  •  LISN Interface Plug NEMA 15-P type 
  •  Dimensions 5 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches / 13.2 x 5.9 x 5.9 cm 
  •  Weight 1 lbs / 0.45 kg

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