Transient LimiterLIT-153A

LIT-153A - Prevent Damage to Instrument Input from Transient Voltage Spikes

150 kHz to 30 MHz

Transient Limiter Model LIT-153A

Transient LimiterLIT-153A

  • Transient Limiter helps limit the transients when conducted EMI emissions measured using Line Impedance Stablization Network (LISN).
  • The RF output port of LISN and the EMI measurement instrument input are coupled to a transient limiter.  In order to enable the RF signal to be monitored with an EMC receiver, the Transient LImiter blocks the supply voltage from the LISN RF port while allowing the signal to pass through with little attenuation.
  • Because the RF signal must be passed through, any short transients (a few microseconds or less) on the power supply lines will also be passed through.  
  • These brief transients are shielded from the EMI receiver input by the transient limiter LIT-153A. Without LIT-153A, an exposed receiver input will be harmed by a transient with sufficient energy.
  • Frequency range: 150 kHz - 30 MHz
  • 10 dB Attenuation (in-band)
  • Prevent Damage to Instrument Input from Transient Voltage Spikes
  • Act as a Band-Pass Filter to Attenuate Out-of-band Signals
  • Excellent Input/Output VSWR < 1:1.2
  • Three-Year Warranty
  • Application: Conducted Emissions (Disturbance Voltage) Testing
  • Frequency Range: 150 kHz to 30 MHz
  • Insertion Loss (in-band): 10 dB



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