Broadband Combilog Antenna

Model AC-220

25 MHz - 2 GHz

EMC Combilog Antenna AC-220

Biconical and Log Periodic Hybrid

The AC-220 Combilog antenna is for EMC emission and immunity up to 2 GHz.. It combines the electrical properties of two antenna (biconical and Log ). It reduces overall testing time by 20 - 30% due to antenna switching. It is Optimized for emission measurements, but can handle up to 500 Watt CW, making it suitable for most immunity measurements . Each antenna is individually calibrated at 10 meters and the data included the purchase price.

  • Broadband: 20 MHz to 2 GHz
  • Minimizes antenna switching
  • Transmit and receive capabilities
  • Individual calibration

  • Specifications