Surge Generator for Telecom Testing for FCC Part 68


surge generator

Surge Generator for Telecom Testing for FCC Part 68

Surge Generator for FCC TIA-968-B and CS03

The SGTEL-168 is a versatile surge generator designed to simulate all the environmental surge transients as described in FCC TIA-968-B (formerly known as Part 68) and Industry Canada CS03 standard. It provides a single box solution Type A, Type B (metallic and longitudinal) and Powerline surges. These surges simulate the effect of lightning on telecom equipment under test. So it is also referred to as Lightning Simulator. The electromagnetic energy from the lightning couples into the equipment by powerline or telecom cable exposed to the lightning directly or indirectly. This model is an upgraded version of SG-168 with windows software control and a user friendly front panel for manual operation.

  • Complies to FCC TIA-968-B and CS03 standards
  • Standard Test routines software and manual operations
  • Built-in CDN for AC power ports
  • Fiber optic RS232 interface
  • Lightning Simulator





  • Positive & Negative

Test routines:

  • Quick start user defined test sequence
  • Predefined tests per TIA-968-B and CS03

Surge Waveform Monitoring:

  • Open Ckt Voltage ( 1000:1) ± 10%
  • Short Ckt Current ( 100:1) ± 10%

In-Built Coupler/Decoupler:

  • Built-in 16 Amps AC, 250Vac single phase. 11 Amps DC, 350 Vdc
  • Universal multi-configuration outlet for EUT and IEC 60309 industrial socket for Mains


  • Fiber optic RS232 ( via OTA 232 Transreceiver)


  • TransWare-168 ( Optional: Windows based software to control testing and generate test reports)

Safety features:

  • External interlock

Supply voltage:

  • 100 to 250 Vac, 50/60 Hz


  • 5 Amps (T)


  • 27.1 x 17.5 x 7.5 inches (69 x 44.4 x 19 cm)


  • 61 lbs ( 27.6 kg)

Operating Temperature:

  • 5°C to 40°C


  • Forced Air Integral fan

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