3 Phase - Line Impedance Stabilization Network for MIL-STD 461


10 kHz to 10 MHz

3 Phase - Line Impedance Stabilization Network for MIL-STD 461

  • The LI-3P-4x Series consists of four separate models of four-conductor, 50Ω, 50 μH Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISNs). The primary differences between the four models are their respective current ratings:

           LI-3P-416     16 Amps (per line, continuous)
           LI-3P-432     32 Amps (per line, continuous)
           LI-3P-463     63 Amps (per line, continuous)
           LI-3P-4100   100 Amps (per line, continuous)

  • These LISNs provide the necessary measurement platform for performing power line conducted emissions compliance testing per MIL-STD-461, CE102, conducted emissions, radio frequency potential, power leads. The LISNs perform the following functions:
  • Provide a defined, stable power line impedance across its frequency range for the Equipment Under Test (EUT);
  • Isolate the EUT and measurement circuit from the power source, thereby minimizing its influence on the measurements; and,
  • Couple the disturbance voltages to the coaxial measurement port, which connects to the measuring instrument.


  • The LISNs use air-core inductors to prevent saturation and permeability variation.
  • The mounting plates are left unpainted in order to facilitate connection to earth ground in their installation, which is essential due to high leakage currents.
  • The side panels for each LISN are louvered for cooling purposes. The LI-3P-463 and LI-3P-4100 also include two internal cooling fans operated by a switch on the rear panel.


  • Frequency Range: 10 kHz to 10 MHz
  • Current Ratings of 16, 32, 63 and 100 Amps
  • Fully Compliant with MIL-STD-461D/E/F/G
  • Remote Switching of Line Under Test
  • Four-conductor, 50Ω , 50 μH, Network appropriate for 3Ø Delta and Wye Power Configurations
  • Three-Year Warranty





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