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Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISN)


Red pointerFCC part 15
Mil-std 461



Complete Line of LISN's for to meet the various EMC Test Standards.

The word LISN is an abbreviation for 'Line Impedance Stabilization Network'. Com-Power offers a line LISN developed for conducted emission testing according to the most commonly adopted EMC specifications like CISPR, FCC, ISO, EN and Mil-std 461. The LISN circuit is designed and constructed to meet the performance criteria given by these standards.

The LISN is placed between the power source and the EUT (Equipment Under Test) to stabilize line impedance, provide a 50 ohm RF connection, and block unwanted RF noise from the external power source. By blocking the unwanted external noise, the interference from EUT can be easily measured by the receiver. All Com-Power LISN use air coils in the current path in order to avoid saturation due to high current. The application note "Why so many different LISN's"gives more information about the LISN function.

Models LIN-115A and LI-215A have two LISN networks housed in single enclosure. They are used for single phase or two wire applications. These models have a standard 15 Amp US NEMA socket to power the EUT. This arrangement provides power to EUT with matching plug without additional wiring. The model LIN-115 has built in transient limiter. The transient limiters protect the spectrum analyzer input from being damaged by out of band by high level transient. A transient limiter can also be purchased separately for use with other models.

The model LI-125, LI-550, LI-325, LI-400 and LI-550 models have separate enclosure for each LISN network and are shipped in pairs for single phase testing. Additional networks can be purchased separately for testing more than one phase. They have Superior Electric sockets for power connection.

All Com-Power LISN are individuall calibrated supplied with test data and certificate of calibration taceable to NIST. The models LI-115A, LI-125A, LI-150A and LI-550A are calibrated to meet the latest CISPR 16 standards. Com-Power also offers ISO 17025 accredited calibration for an extra charge if requested.



CISPR 16 Compliant LISNs

model frequency range inductor rating current rating emi test specification
LI-125A 0.15-30 MHz 50 uH 25 Amps FCC, CISPR, EN, ANS/NZL
LI-150A 0.15-30 MHz 50 uH 50 Amps FCC, CISPR, EN, AS/NZL
LI-550A 0.1-108 MHz 5 uH 50 Amps CISPR 25
LIN-115A 0.15-30 MHz 50 uH 15 Amps FCC, CISPR, EN, AS/NZL
LI-215A 0.009-30 MHz 250 & 50 uH 15 Amps CISPR, EN

Mil-Std 461 and FAA DO-160 compliant LISNs

model frequency range inductor rating current rating emi test specification
LI-325 0.01- 400 MHz 5 uH 25 Amps FAA - RTCA DO 160C, MIL-STD 461D
LI-400 0.01-10 MHz 50 uH 25 Amps MIL-STD 461D




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