Active Horn Antenna

Horn Antennas with built-in Preamplifier

Com-Power broadband AHA-118 and AHA-840 Active Horn antennas have an integrated preamplifier to amplify low-level signals immediately at the antenna output during electromagnetic interference testing. With this arrangement, the maximum signal is boosted prior to being fed to the typically lengthy cable bridging the test area and control room. Com-Power's selection of Active Broadband Horn Antennas for use in emissions (receiving only) for EMC testing. Also used for immunity testing if the built-in preamplifier is bypassed. 

active horn antenna


Com-Power's AHA-118 is essentially the AH-118 double ridge waveguide horn antenna with a built-in, low-noise (max: 2.8 dB), high-gain (40 dB) preamplifier.

double ridge active horn antenna

AHA-840 - With a broadband, high-gain, low noise preamplifier

Com-Power's AHA-840 is a broadband, double ridge guide active horn antenna that offers excellent performance over the frequency range of 18 to 40 GHz. Com-Power double ridge guide horn antennas feature a high gain, low noise f...


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