Biconical Antennas

Radiated and immunity measurements

Com-Power biconical antennas are ideal for vertical and horizontal normalized site attenuation (NSA) measurements, as well as for emissions and immunity testing to a wide range of FCC, CISPR, EN and other standards.

Biconical Antenna Model: AB-900A


Biconical antenna model AB-900A is used for emissions and immunity testing to meet various EMC standards It has a frequency range of 25 MHz to 300 MHz.Its broadband characteristics make it ideal for a wide range o...

biconical antenna


The model ABF-900A offers the same benefits as the AB-900A model and is also conveniently designed to be collapsible for easy storage and transport. As a result, it is an excellent choice for offsite applications. You can also connect the ABF-900A...

microwave biconical antenna


The Microwave Biconical antenna is specifically designed to be the transmit source antenna for test site validations above 1 GHz per the CISPR 16-1-4 Site Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (SVSWR) procedure. It is precisely tuned and linearly polarized,...


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